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Betty Page e Cthulhu, hentai in Australia: strategie evolutive di Davide Mana

Questo è un post che ha il solo scopo di far alzare il numero di visite sul blog mentre sono via per il weekend, a masterare una partita demo di Hope & Glory al Pinerole 2018.

Il titolo include infatti tutte le parole chiave più ricercate di sempre su questo blog.

Screenshot from 2018-10-05 13-01-28

Bettie+Page+Fitness+2+proof+(1)E non mi sorprende che Betty Page sia più gettonata del sottoscritto1, badate, ma cosa dirà a riguardo il povero Cthulhu?
E l’Australia?
Perché l’Australia?
E nulla, naturalmente, può battere l’hentai.

C’è di che riflettere, non credete?
È vero, abbiamo in catalogo più di 4000 post accumulati in undici anni di attività, incui abbiamo parlato di scienza e fantascienza, letteratura e cucina e chi più ne ha più ne metta.
Ma il post più visto di sempre parla di rasoi da barba, e le parole più cercate che vi hanno portati qui su strategie evolutive sono queste.

Potremmo certamente trarre delle profonde conclusioni da tutto questo, ma devo preparare i personaggi di Hope & Glory per la partita del weekend.

  1. anche se sarebbe Bettie Page a dire la verità, ma non stiamo a formalizzarci, sappiamo di chi stiamo parlando.
    Almeno credo. 

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Hope & Glory, manuale del giocatore

This is not your grandfather’s steampunk.

The Western World was wiped out, the capitals of Europe buried under a thick layer of ice.
In the aftermath of the Catastrophe, a brand new civilization was born in the marriage between Victorian pragmatism and Indian imagination.
Now, after one century of isolation, the Anglo-Indian Raj marches forward towards a future of peace and progress.
It’s a new age of exploration and discovery.

You can be a Soldier of the Raj or a Tai-pan, a sky-pirate or a psychic or a consulting detective, an inventor or a spy, a man of science or a woman of action, a civilized neanderthal or a savage human.

Explore a world changed by a glaciation and salvage its treasures.
Hunt the fierce Sabretooth Tiger and the dread Sumatran Monkey-Rat.
Face the agents of the Czar and their hordes of Neanderthal Cossacks.
Travel to the Astral Plane and meets its ethereal denizens.
Invent a better future, and fight the enemies of progress.
Discover the secrets of the Nine Unknown Masters of the World.

This is Hope & Glory, a steampulp adventure of scientific romance, intrigue, and discovery, in a brave new world.

In this book you’ll find:

  • More than twenty new Edges and Hindrances!
  • The Psychic World: a new dangerous dimension and new dangerous powers!
  • The secrets of the Kalaripayattu, the indian martial arts!
  • Extensive rules for clockwork inventions, prostetics and automathons, including your friendly helpful majordomo!
  • A large list of steampunk gear Hope & Glory style, including the (in)famous Goventosa monowheel!

Welcome to a new world… On the 21st of October 1852, the citizens of London and Paris were awed at the sight of the western sky turning suddenly a strange shade of purple and red. The first seismic shocks were felt all over the world in the following hours, and by the dawn of the 23rd of October, the giant waves hit the coasts of Europe. In the evening of the same day, while the tremors continued, catastrophic waves also hit the coasts of Asia. Whole cities, blasted by the earthquakes, were submerged by the sea. Millions of lives were lost. Then the Black Rain began, washing the ruins and leaving behind a thick layer of ashes. Dark, impenetrable clouds hid the sun, and the Thirty Years Winter began. In the Northern Hemisphere crops failed, snow-bound cities went up in flames as the populations rioted and the governments tried to find a solution, the means to survive.

One hundred years have passed now since the Catastrophe, and humanity has survived. In the former colonial domains of Africa and South America. In the blasted plains of China. Among the remains of the Japanese archipelago. In Russian palaces sealed against the howling winds of the steppe. In the land that once was India. With sacrifice and ingenuity, with courage and hope, new nations have crawled back from the brink to claim the new world.
Science is a beacon to the future.
From the frozen wastes of Europe, where the mammoth roams, to the proud Zulu Nation of Africa, from the technological wonders of the Anglo-Indian Raj to the mist-shrouded shores of Lost America, these are the stories of a new, strange world.
Thanks for reading, and have fun!


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Due mesi pieni

Sono stati due mesi impegnativi, Dicembre 2017 e Gennaio 2018, due mesi durante i quali ho finalmente messo al lavoro la connessione veloce a internet attivata a Ottobre ed ho avviato i miei corsi online. Due mesi durante i quali è partita la prima fase del progetto AMARNA, e naturalmente i primi due mesi su Patreon.
Con questo post, cercherò di fare un piccolo bilancio di questi due mesi. Continua a leggere